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Informed Sport

Informed sports acquisition

This is an international anti-doping certification program run by LGC in the UK.
This is a program that strictly analyzes, inspects, and tests products to confirm that they do not contain prohibited substances, based on the international standards of anti-doping regulations established by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Like Informed Choice, Informed Sports is an anti-doping certification program operated by the UK-based Laboratory of Government Chemist (LGC) since 2008. LGC has over 50 years of research and experience in doping and has published over 300 scientific papers. Products are analyzed based on WADA's Prohibited List international standards, and major supplement brands from around the world have obtained certification.

Informed Sports Certification not only analyzes supplements, but also analyzes the WADA prohibited substances list, as well as substances that LGC deems necessary to analyze based on the latest information at the time.

The only difference between Informed Sports and Informed Choice is the frequency of product analysis after certification. While high-level product analysis in ISO17025-certified facilities and manufacturing process audits specific to anti-doping certification are exactly the same, Informed Choice offers monthly random sample analysis by a third party. Analyze and ensure safety and security.

Informed Sports, on the other hand, analyzes all manufacturing batches (full lot analysis). All lots of products that have been given Informed Sports certification have been analyzed, so athletes can use the products at any time with greater peace of mind without having to check the analysis results one by one. The introduction of this feature began in July 2020 for Japanese products.

Informed Sports Certificate

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