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Notification number F252

This product contains lutein and zeaxanthin. Lutein and zeaxanthin have the function of increasing and maintaining the amount of macular pigment in the eye, improving contrast sensitivity (visual ability to distinguish patterns with little difference in shading without clear outlines) and glare recovery (recovery from glare). It has been reported that this product supports visual function (visual function), improves sleep quality, and helps reduce eye fatigue.

Product name / content

Milagro AG supplement / 90 tablets (approximately 30 days supply) [Name: Processed food containing refined fish oil]
Manufacturer's suggested retail price 12,960 yen (tax included)

Raw material name

Refined fish oil (contains DHA) (manufactured in Spain), α-GPC processed food (α-GPC, processed oil and fat) (contains soybeans) / gelatin, glycerin, marigold pigment, glycerin fatty acid ester, antioxidant (mixed tocopherol)


Nutrition information (3 tablets per 1.35g)

Energy: 9.4kcal, Protein: 0.35g, Fat: 0.79g, Carbohydrate: 0.21g, Salt equivalent: 0g

Contains Algatrium®* 600mg / recommended daily intake

*Algatrium® is a registered trademark of Burdy Technology. *Supplements containing argatorium may be labeled as "refined fish oil containing DHA."

3 ingredients

Activated DHA (Argatorium)

It is concentrated fish oil extracted from tuna, and refers to DHA that has higher health power than DHA from blue-backed fish.


Zeaxanthin & Lutein

A type of carotenoid (a general term for more than 600 types of natural pigments ranging from red to yellow) that are found in large amounts in green and yellow vegetables. A component that originally exists in the crystalline lens and macula of the eye. Protects the retina from external stimuli such as ultraviolet rays.



It is found in breast milk and is a component of our body. Extracted from phospholipids (soy lecithin) contained in soybeans.


What is Argatorium?

Argatorium is a type of omega fatty acid. It belongs to the omega-3 fatty acid family, and members of the argatorium family include docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). Argatorium is a highly useful DHA and is an active DHA that supports the health of the body.

DHA is a term we often hear, but it is a fatty acid called docosahexaenoic acid, which is an essential fatty acid that our bodies cannot manufacture and therefore must be ingested through our diet. In order for DHA to be well absorbed, it is said that it is desirable to take it in the triglyceride form, which is the same as that found in nature, but up to 85% of Argatorium is in the triglyceride form.

Argatorium won the Best Innovation in Health Ingredients award at the 2008 International Food Ingredients Exhibition ``Health Ingredients Europe'' held in Paris.


Role of lutein and zeaxanthin

Lutein and zeaxanthin protect our eyes from blue light. It has become a problem that the blue light emitted from the LCD screens of computers, smartphones, and TVs, which are essential to our modern lives, is harmful to the eyes. Blue light, which reaches the retina from a source closer to the eye than the blue light that exists in nature, generates a large amount of active oxygen in retinal cells, which puts stress on photoreceptor cells.

Lutein and zeaxanthin are present in the yellow part of the image below and protect retinal cells from blue light. Lutein and zeaxanthin exist in nature as a mechanism to protect the retina from ultraviolet rays and blue rays received from sunlight, but the blue rays emitted directly from strong blue LEDs embedded in smartphones and PCs generate large amounts of active oxygen. It kills retinal cells and puts stress on photoreceptor cells.

ミラグロAG Lutemax

Pursuing eye health changed my daily life

Eye health is a very important function for living a happy daily life. When the health of your eyes is impaired, your facial expressions become grim, which not only gives a bad impression, but can also interfere with your daily life. I hope that even as you get older, you will be able to enjoy reading without any problems and enjoy your hobbies cheerfully.

To protect eye health

With the proliferation of PCs and smartphones, we continue to be exposed to strong light such as blue light, which is said to be harmful to our retinas, on a daily basis. Blue light is stronger than ultraviolet light and generates large amounts of active oxygen that can damage your eyes. It can pose a serious risk, especially if damage is done. The nutrient necessary to protect the retina is a component called lutein, which is found in large amounts in green and yellow vegetables. It is important to efficiently consume zeaxanthin and lutein every day to protect eye health. At Milagro AG, in order to maintain the function of the eyes, we have begun to acquire food with functional claims, and we have combined special active DHA (argatorium) and lutein extracted using a patented extraction method (Lutemax 2020). I am.

What is α-GPC?


α-GPC is a component called ``glycerophosphocholine'' obtained by hydrolyzing soybean lecithin (a phospholipid contained in soybeans).

Overseas, it has been used in pharmaceuticals and supplements for the purpose of replenishing choline. In Japan, following legal revisions, it has been recognized as a new food ingredient. In addition, α-GPC is a safe component that is ubiquitous in the body, including breast milk, and one of the features of α-GPC as a choline supplement is that it can efficiently supply choline in small amounts. Comparing the amount required to ingest choline, the amount required as α-GPC is 1/4 the amount of soybean lecithin (PC), which is expected to be a choline supplement. As a supplement, α-GPC can be said to be the most suitable ingredient.

Informed Sport

Informed sports acquisition

This is an international anti-doping certification program run by LGC in the UK.
This is a program that strictly analyzes, inspects, and tests products to confirm that they do not contain prohibited substances, based on the international standards for anti-doping regulations established by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Like Informed Choice, Informed Sports is an anti-doping certification program operated by the UK-based Laboratory of Government Chemist (LGC) since 2008. LGC has over 50 years of research and experience in doping and has published over 300 scientific papers. Products are analyzed based on WADA's Prohibited List international standards, and major supplement brands from around the world have obtained certification.

Informed Sports Certification not only analyzes supplements, but also analyzes the WADA prohibited substances list, as well as substances that LGC deems necessary to analyze based on the latest information at the time.

The only difference between Informed Sport and Informed Choice is the frequency of product analysis after certification. In addition to the same high-level product analysis performed in an ISO17025-certified facility and manufacturing process audits specific to anti-doping certification, Informed Choice offers monthly random sample analysis performed by a third party. Analyze and ensure safety and security.

Informed Sports, on the other hand, analyzes all manufacturing batches (full lot analysis). All lots of products that have been given Informed Sports certification have been analyzed, so athletes can use the products at any time with greater peace of mind without having to check the analysis results one by one. The introduction of this feature began in July 2020 for Japanese products.

Informed Sports Certificate
Received the International High Quality Award MondeSelectionGoldAward

Monde Selection

Monde Selection certifies the quality of our products.
Since 1961, Monde Selection has been evaluating the quality of consumer products around the world using a 360° quality assessment conducted by 80 international experts in a completely independent manner. Each product is individually sampled and tested on a number of carefully selected parameters depending on the product category and consumer expectations. Tests include sensory, scientific, and forensic analysis, depending on the type of product.


Monde Selection's original approach

Unlike other contests and competitions, Monde Selection does not compare each product to other products in its category. Monde Selection's experts evaluate the essential quality of each product in its entirety, with great precision and according to a wide variety of criteria.

The reason why Milagro AG is being judged by Monde Selection is because we want to improve the quality of our products even just a little so that everyone who loves Milagro AG will be happy.

In an age where we can't do without our computers and smartphones, we want to take care of our eye health, and we want to improve the quality of our sleep in the midst of daily stress. In order to clarify the purpose of taking supplements, we have obtained food with functional claims that clearly state health claims.

Our pursuit of safety has led us to obtain world-standard anti-doping certification and informed sports certification.As this is a supplement that pursues daily health, we are particular about safety and have achieved informed sports certification, which is extremely difficult to examine and obtain. Did.

For example, we work hard on small improvements. ``The desiccant that comes out every time I take Milagro AG is a pain!'' We created a cap to store the desiccant inside the top lid so that it would not come out together with the capsules.

横浜薬科大学 渡辺教授
Doctor of Medicine/Specially Appointed Professor, Yokohama Pharmaceutical University
Yasuo Watanabe
Yokohama Pharmaceutical University General Health Medical Center
manager of centre
Taipei Medical University
visiting professor
Shizuoka Prefectural University
visiting professor
Kobe University of Health and Welfare
Visiting professor/advisor
Japanese Pharmacological Society
He is also known for his research into turmeric and mushrooms, as well as other foods that have been shown to have health benefits.
Main publications
  • "If you want to live long, eat slimy ingredients."
  • "Enoki tea diet"
  • "A book that helps you understand about drugs: Pharmaceutical applications for people who use drugs," etc.
Supervision cooperation
“Easy and delicious! Glutinous barley diet recipe” etc.

What is intracellular glutathione?

Glutathione is produced by cells in the body and protects cells from excess active oxygen by capturing and reducing active oxygen. On the other hand, glutathione decreases with age, so although it is desirable to obtain it from food, it is degraded. Therefore, by taking argatorium as a supplement, it is possible to activate the antioxidant system in cells.

What is the efficacy of Argatorium?

Spain's Burdi Technology, which produces Argatorium, and the University of Barcelona have reported many surprising results and evidence regarding Argatorium. For example, let me give you an example from a clinical trial. The target audience is those who are under excessive stress. These are the results of having them ingest Argatorium every day, and measuring malondialdehyde, an indicator of lipid peroxidation*, and 8-oxodG, an indicator of DNA damage, in their serum 15 days and 3 months later.


By taking argatorium, the level of lipid peroxidation will be reduced to one-seventh in the second week, and after 3 months of continuous intake, this level will become negative. We obtained results that protect the data. *Lipid peroxide is a general term for lipids that have been oxidized by active oxygen, and is considered to be the cause of lifestyle-related diseases. Lipid peroxide derived from neutral fats generates active oxygen called superoxide within cells, which is thought to have the effect of damaging DNA in the cell nucleus.


When we checked for DNA damage, the level of DNA damage decreased to one-ninth within two weeks of taking Argatorium, and the level of DNA damage had stabilized to one-fifth within three months. The level of one-fifth of DNA damage at the third month is actually similar to the level of DNA damage when humans are asleep, and this means that even though they are doing intense exercise, they are not affected by oxidative stress at all. It means that it is not. If you were not taking Argatorium, DNA damage like the one on the far left of the graph would occur due to the effects of intense oxidative stress caused by extreme exercise, but by taking Argatorium, DNA damage is greatly reduced. is to protect DNA from damage. DNA damage is a cause of aging and various medical conditions such as cancer and lifestyle-related diseases.

Based on the above experimental results, active argatorium is expected to be an ingredient that suppresses cell aging and prevents various lifestyle-related diseases when incorporated into daily life.


Thoughts and history on Milagro AG

Milagro AG was born after carefully selecting and researching ingredients that fit the purpose of development, emphasizing evidence, and making repeated improvements. By carrying out various challenges with the newly born Milagro AG, we have further refined it as a world-class supplement and established proof of its safety and reliability.
Milagro AG is a supplement that has been poured with love, just like raising your own precious child.

The purpose of developing Milagro AG began with a plan to create a supplement for the eyes, brain, sleep, and beautiful skin.

It took more than two years to plan the product and select safe, high-quality ingredients from all over the world. Lutein is extracted from Indian marigolds and is produced by OmniActive Health Technologies' patented manufacturing method Lutemax. The DHA that envelops lutein and delivers it to the eyes uses activated DHA Argatorium developed by Burdi Technology in Spain. The combination of lutein and DHA nourishes the eyes, while DHA and α-GPC choline nourish the brain. The feature of α-GPC (glycerophosphocholine) is that by hydrolyzing it, it can increase growth hormone secretion and improve sleep quality with 1/4 the amount of conventional soy lecithin (PC). can.


The purpose of developing Milagro AG began with a plan to create a supplement for the eyes, brain, sleep, and beautiful skin.
It has become clear that "eyes, brain, sleep, and beautiful skin".
Milagro AG was born.
With the smartphone boom, even children started enjoying videos and games, and It was a time when an eye health boom was taking place.

We asked Professor Watanabe of Yokohama Pharmaceutical University to verify the antioxidant power of lutein and argatorium on the eyes, as well as intracellular glutathione, which is a characteristic of argatorium.

Professor Watanabe, Yokohama Pharmaceutical University
Under Professor Watanabe of Yokohama Pharmaceutical University, it was redesigned and reborn as a new Milagro AG with increased amounts of lutein and decreased α-GPC.

In order to prove its effectiveness in improving eyesight and sleep quality, we reviewed the supplement design and conducted research to create evidence in order to obtain food with functional claims under the Consumer Affairs Agency.

We have started working on the British LGC anti-doping certification and informed sports certification to prove safety and security.

In pursuit of ease of use and convenience, we have changed to a design that stores the oxygen absorber inside the cap so that it does not come out when drinking.


Obtained food with functional claims from the Consumer Affairs Agency. “It can protect the retina of the eye from strong light and improve visual function and sleep quality.”
Food with functional claims Notification number F252

This is our first attempt at Monde Selection, a proof of quality.


Winner of the Monde Selection Gold Award.

Informed Sports

Obtained Anti-Doping Certification and Informed Sports Certification from LGC in the UK.


Winner of the Monde Selection Gold Award.


We have completed a traceability system by introducing equipment from KEYENCE.

A system that manages everything from manufacturing management to warehouse management and product shipping history management has been placed at the manufacturing factory and management warehouse where Milagro AG is manufactured, making it possible to trace product management.


Winner of the Monde Selection Gold Award. Received the International High Quality Award


We support the activities of Dr. Tadashi Hattori, who received the Magsaysay Award and is said to be Asia's Nobel Peace Prize through Milagro AG, and support his volunteer activities. We have started an activity using a portion of Milagro AG's sales. Our volunteer activities with Dr. Tadashi Hattori were featured on four pages in "Kateigaho".

Magsaysay Award Ceremony [Philippines November 30, 2022]