Can I take Milagro AG even if I have a blue fish allergy?

Please rest assured. The proteins in lean blue fish such as tuna and bonito contain an amino acid called histidine. When histidine is broken down by histamine-producing bacteria, histamine is produced and causes allergies. DHA & EPA used in Milagro AG is an oil called n-3 unsaturated fatty acid contained in the eyes and head of tuna, and does not contain histamine.

Children often look at their smartphones. From what age can you drink it?

Milagro AG is a nutritional supplement, so as long as you can swallow it without getting stuck in your throat, it's okay to drink it. If you drink lukewarm water rather than cold water, the soft capsule will be moisturized and easier to swallow.

I have been taking sleeping pills for many years. How many tablets of Milagro AG do I need to take to sleep?

Milagro AG is not a sleep aid or sleeping pill. Lutein, a functional ingredient contained in Milagro AG, protects the eyes and brain from light stimulation, so it can help improve the quality of your sleep.

I have a job that requires me to use a computer for a long time. Please tell me how to drink it effectively to protect my eyes.

The basic daily intake of Milagro AG is 3 tablets. The ideal way to drink it is to suit your lifestyle and purpose. Ideally, take 2 tablets about an hour before you start work and 1 tablet before bed to protect your eyes from computer light and support your ability to see and concentrate.

Will there be a rebound if I can no longer continue taking Milagro AG?

Milagro AG is a nutritional supplement and not a medicine, so there is no risk of rebound.

Is Milagro AG, which has various prices and is sold online, safe?

Milagro AG is a food product, so please purchase it from our authorized distributors that have thorough quality control.Store

Milagro AG has introduced a traceability system to improve quality and ensure food safety. You can check it using the QR code attached to the product package.Traceability System

Milagro AG is sold in many major malls and resale sites, but please be careful as malicious products such as those with traceability QR codes cut out are also sold.

I often forget to drink because I'm busy, so when is the best time to drink once a day?

Milagro AG is a supplement that improves sleep quality, and quality sleep is essential for good health.

Cells regenerate while you sleep. If you are only taking it once a day, please take 2 to 3 tablets at night before going to bed.

I heard that drinking Milagro AG can prevent sunburn and have a whitening effect. Is Milagro AG a drinkable sunscreen?

No, it does not have a whitening effect and is not a drinkable sunscreen.

The brain instructs the skin to produce melanin pigment when stimulated by light (UV) that enters the eyes. As functional components, lutein/zeaxanthin protects retinal cells from strong light and can be expected to have a sunglasses effect that relieves the stimulation of light entering the eyes. In other words, lutein pigment may affect the amount of melanin produced in the skin by protecting retinal cells.