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Functional food

Notification number F252

Milagro AG is a food with functional claims that supports eye health and sleep quality.

This product contains lutein and zeaxanthin. Lutein and zeaxanthin have the ability to increase and maintain the amount of macular pigment in the retina of the eye.

When the macular pigment in the retina decreases, the eyes cannot be protected from strong light such as strong ultraviolet rays from the sun and blue light emitted from various devices such as PCs and smartphones. Strong light is a stimulant and can interfere with restful sleep, reducing the quality of your sleep.

It has been confirmed that it supports contrast sensitivity (visual ability to distinguish between patterns without clear outlines and small differences in shading) and glare recovery (visual ability to recover from glare) and improves sleep quality. Masu.

Informed Sport

Milagro AG is a supplement that places top priority on safety and security and has acquired Informed Sports certification (WADA World Anti-Doping Regulation Certification).

International High Quality Trophy MondeSelectionGoldAward International High Quality Trophy

Milagro AG makes efforts to pursue the quality of our products by requesting an inspection from Monde Selection (a private organization that examines the quality and standards of products worldwide).

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Functional food

Milagro AG is a food with functional claims that supports eye health and sleep quality.

Food with Function Claims Public Notice Information [Consumer Affairs Agency] Notification number F252


Zeaxanthin & Lutein

Natural lutein and zeaxanthin extracted from marigolds. Using OmniActive Health Technologies' unique patented extraction method, we have optimized the concentration ratio of lutein and zeaxanthin to 5:1, the same ratio as in the large-scale clinical trial AREDS2 conducted in the United States. In addition, as a result of extensive research leading up to commercialization, we were able to reduce the particle size of the crystals and use sunflower oil as the diluent oil, resulting in a product with excellent absorption rate in the body.

  • Obtained cGMP, ISO 22000, and self-GRAS (2010) certification. Halal and Kosher compatible.
  • BSE free, GMO free, allergen free, pesticide residue free.
  • In 2011, it received the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Company's Excellent Differentiated Product Award.

Active DHA&EPA/Argatorium

Argatorium. This word, which sounds unfamiliar to us, is actually the name of an omega-3 oil that is made from concentrated fish oil extracted from tuna and contains a very high amount of DHA. Argatorium is a natural material extracted from tuna and is rich in DHA, which is widely known as a health ingredient and is also called "active DHA." DHA is a term we often hear, but it is a fatty acid called docosahexaenoic acid, which is an essential fatty acid that must be ingested through food as our bodies cannot produce it. In order for DHA to be well absorbed, it is said that it is desirable to take it in the triglyceride form, which is the same as that found in nature, but up to 85% of DHA is in the triglyceride form.


Argatorium won the Best Functional Food Ingredient Award (Best Innovation in Health Ingredients) at the International Food Ingredients Exhibition, Health Ingredients Europe, held in Paris in 2008.



α-GPC is a component called ``glycerophosphocholine'' obtained by hydrolyzing soybean lecithin (a phospholipid contained in soybeans).

Overseas, it has been used in pharmaceuticals and supplements for the purpose of replenishing choline. In Japan, following legal revisions, it has been recognized as a new food ingredient. In addition, α-GPC is a safe component that is ubiquitous in the body, including breast milk, and one of the features of α-GPC as a choline supplement is that it can efficiently supply choline in small amounts. Comparing the amount required to ingest choline, the amount required as α-GPC is 1/4 the amount of soybean lecithin (PC), which is expected to be a choline supplement. As a supplement, α-GPC can be said to be the most suitable ingredient.

横浜薬科大学 渡辺教授
Doctor of Medicine/Specially Appointed Professor, Yokohama Pharmaceutical University
Yasuo Watanabe
Yokohama Pharmaceutical University General Health Medical Center
manager of centre
Taipei Medical University
visiting professor
Shizuoka Prefectural University
visiting professor
Kobe University of Health and Welfare
Visiting professor/advisor
Japanese Pharmacological Society
He is also known for his research on turmeric and mushrooms, as well as on foods that have been shown to have health benefits.
Main publications
  • “If you want to live long, eat slimy foods.”
  • "Enoki tea diet"
  • "A book that helps you understand about drugs: Pharmaceutical applications for people who use drugs," etc.
Supervision cooperation
“Easy and delicious! Glutinous barley diet recipe” etc.

A light of hope shining in the future!

Milagro AG supports the activities of ophthalmologist Dr. Tadashi Hattori.

Dr. Tadashi Hattori, an ophthalmologist known as Vietnam's Dr. Redbeard, has been providing free medical care in Vietnam for over 20 years since 2002. "I want to save people from blindness! There are people in trouble right in front of me. There are people who are at risk of losing their eyesight but cannot undergo surgery. I can't leave them alone. If I can save them with technology, I want to help them without hesitation! That's all I want to do." Ophthalmologist Dr. Hattori's work not only saves people from blindness, but also helps Vietnam, where there are few doctors with surgical skills. So, he continues to teach medical techniques to Vietnamese doctors for free using his own funds.


Rejuvenation supports Dr. Hattori's volunteer activities through the eye supplement Milagro AG.

佐藤 Kateigaho(Magazine)

Traceability system

We want to deliver peace of mind to everyone involved with Milagro AG.

With safety and security as our motto, we trace every step of the manufacturing management, storage management, and delivery management process, from manufacturing to the delivery of the product, and record and store all data in an effort to manage the safety and security of our products.

At Rejuvenation Systems, we strictly control the manufacturing, shipping, warehousing, and shipping of Milagro AG to dealers to ensure product reliability and safety. We will do our best to deliver peace of mind to all our patrons.


If you take a photo of the QR code on the side of the product using your smartphone's camera mode, the yellow button in the photo ( will appear. When you press this yellow button, the certificate will be displayed. You will usually see a blue Certificate of Authenticity. If you see a red counterfeit sign, it is not an officially manufactured product and is a fraudulent product. Copy products of Milagro AG have been sold several times in the past. If you see a fake product, please check the store where you purchased it and contact the police.

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